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Spring Fishing on Weiss Lake

Reed's Guide Service
Posted: 3/1/2005

Reed Montgomery

The Coosa River System runs from North Alabama to South Alabama. There are six man made impoundments in this chain of Lakes, starting with Weiss Lake, Impounded in 1961. The origin of the Coosa River starts in Georgia and runs into eastern Alabama, then heads south. This is the headwaters of Weiss Lake that continues south towards the town of Centre, Alabama. Below Weiss Lake dam is Neely Henry Lake the second of six lakes on the Coosa River System.

Spring is officially underway in March in Alabama and Weiss Lake is still down 3-4 feet (or more) at that time. This low water period will continue until Weiss Lake is brought back up in mid April. During March, low water exposes lots of wood and rock cover and shows the lake void of any weeds, until they begin to grow again in late April. As weeds begin to appear in late April, the lake is being returned to normal full pool levels. This combination of rising lake levels and new aquatic weed growth moves bass shallow. In addition many male bass have already prepared beds and female bass begin to deposit their eggs in these easy to see bright, rounded spots on the lakes floor, usually in one to three feet of water. By May these bass have bed and some mighty hungry bass begin to feed and recuperate from spawning. Some bass have not eaten in weeks after bedding and seemingly easy to catch meals...really get their attention.

Topwater lure patterns are at their best during late April on into May on Weiss Lake. Buzzbaits, walking type topwaters, prop baits, popping type topwaters, frog and rat imitations and many other topwaters, should all be tried this spring around wood, rocks and new growing weeds. Spinnerbaits cover water fast and are good lures all throughout spring. Bedding bass can be fooled with soft plastics laid right in the bed to aggravate them into striking. Lures such as worms, lizards, tube baits, small finesse plastic lures, jig combos, crayfish imitations and creature type baits are all good for bass, bass that may refuse to chase down other fast moving lures. Spawning bass can be fooled on Weiss Lake while fishing out from the bedding flats with lures that cover water fast.

Slow, irristable retrieves coupled with enticing, injured looking erratic stop andgo motions, get those weak, sluggish bass usually resting away from the bedding banks. Rattling lipless lures, shallow to mid diving crankbaits, floating and suspending jerkbaits, floating worms, soft jerkbaits, Senkos, lizards and soft jerkbaits should be experimented with on each outing this spring.

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Good Fishin'
Reed Montgomery

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