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Fall on Weiss Lake

Reed's Guide Service
Posted: 9/1/2005

Reed Montgomery

This is the first of six lakes on the Coosa River System running from North to South Alabama. During the Fall and early Winter period its the first lake to receive massive amounts of Fall rain runoff. The Lakes headwaters can be muddy at times with consecutive days of rain producing several inches of rain.

The incoming rivers found at midlake, The Chatuga River and The Little River will also get stained to muddy during these heavy rains. Major feeder creeks can be muddy, especially the mid to far back ends of creeks, right after a day or two of heavy rains.

So plan your trips accordingly, for in between these muddy water times there is some excellent bass fishing and some of the worlds best crappie fishing to be had on Weiss Lake this Fall and on into the early Winter season. Finding clear water, areas with loads of baitfish and plenty of good fish holding cover, is all there is to completing this recipe for success.

Weiss Lake will begin to drop during early Fall as water levels are drawn down for Winter pool. Anglers fishing in September, could return the next month and find the lake down as much as 4-5 feet below normal full pool levels. The lake will be down until April. Most weeds lining the banks of Weiss Lake will die and not return until spring when the lake is returned to full pool.

During low water lake levels, anglers can target wood or rock cover or bottom irregularities, places where bass retreat to as lake levels fall. Weiss Lake has plenty of wood cover. Resident planted brush piles, some of which can now be seen protruding just above the waters surface, is excellent fish holding cover.

Places to look for this fish holding cover is around piers, boat houses, around marinas, main lake flats, creek flats and small pockets and cuts featuring shallow flats. Stumps were left here during impoundment in 1961. Some stumps are still around and very visible during low water. Laying trees, logs and other wood cover all hold bass throughout the Fall months.

Rocks (rip-rap) are found along dams, causeways, bridges and banks to prevent erosion. Rock bluffs and boulders are found all along Weiss Lakes banks. All of this rock cover holds fish of all kinds and bass are there feeding on prey throughout the Fall months.

After the lake drops, you will not need to target any weeds, so lures that cover water fast like topwaters, mid running lures and spinnerbaits will be best choices. Slowing down and covering places where you catch bass on these lures means slowly dragging bottom with worms, lizards, tube baits, crayfish imitations and jig combos, often for some bigger bass.

Use extreme caution when navigating Weiss Lake this Fall and Winter season. Many boats are damaged every year by anglers unaware of what low water can do and lives are always at stake as well. Need help on Weiss Lake? Always call on Reeds Guide Service...first! "Over 30 years fishing for bass and stripers on all Alabama Lakes."

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Birmingham, Alabama
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