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Summer on Weiss Lake

Reed's Guide Service
Posted: 6/1/2005

Reed Montgomery

Daytime Bass Fishing Tips

It can get hot during the summer months in Alabama, often near 100 degrees. The largemouth bass of Weiss Lake still have to eat daily. Fishing Weiss Lake (the first of six lakes on the Coosa River System), for largemouth bass during the summer months can show a choice of daytime fishing, or like some anglers that prefer to beat the heat, resort to night fishing. For those that have schedules that only permit them to fish during the daylight hours, here are some tips, lure suggestions and places to target.

Weeds are abundant and these oxygen rich hideouts show some big bass taken around weedy banks, weedy points and small patches of aquatic weeds, all throughout the summer months. Fishing Weiss Lakes weeds, means fishing weeds with an immediate vicinity to deep water. This game plan will show more bass within the weeds, including some big largemouth bass as well.

Most anglers fish spinnerbaits, weedless topwaters like buzzbaits, frogs, rats, floating worms, lizards and soft jerkbaits. These and other lures always trigger a few exciting topwater strikes, from bass that have invaded the weeds during the night or early morning hours.

But as the sun gets high and the temperature begins to soar, the bass either abandon the weeds and move out to deeper water or they bury up in the weeds, especially weeds located along a shady, eastern bank. You can then slowly probe every likely looking location with bottom bumping lures, and trigger strikes from bass that have generally already fed.

Lures on bottom are many. Worms, both small 4-6 inch models and bigger 8-10 inch worms, should be tried on every location you select to fish. Colors should be chosen according to water clarity, which is usually lightly stained to clear water in summer. Lizards, Tube baits, jig combos, creature baits and crayfish imitations are also good lure choices in and around the edges of aquatic weeds. Very clear water may call for finesse fishing with smaller plastics

Rocks along main lake bridges, causeways and the dam area, are also good targets for finding both largemouth bass and spotted bass during these hot summer days. Along with the selection of bottom bumping lures just mentioned for weeds you can also try crankbaits, jerkbaits, rattletraps and other lures along these rip-rap man made rocks.

Piers and boathouses on Weiss Lake often have many brushpiles in and around them, planted by residents for crappie and bream. But the bass like em' too! Slowly fishing every pier with such lures as worms or jigs, will reveal which of these man made cover choices is the best fish holding cover, around many, that are not. The places that produce bass and show lots of cover such as Christmas trees and brush, should be remembered, for they will hold bass all summer long seeking refuge and ambush spots in these shady spots.

Release sites. At mid lake the Hogs Den Marina and on the lower end of the lake, Bay Springs Marina, both hold bass tournaments all spring and summer. Hundreds of bass are released at these and other bass tournament release site locations every week and many bass stick around until caught again.

Nighttime Bass Fishing Tips

There are many anglers that choose to fish after dark on Weiss Lake. The reasons are many. Not only is it cooler at night, but less anglers are on the water at night, giving you more choices to fish without any company. Also no jet skies, pontoon parties and water skiers to hamper your fishing at night.

But most importantly is some anglers have great success fishing for bass after dark on Weiss Lake, catching numbers of bass and often fooling some big bass, that only venture out of hiding during the nocturnal hours. Although many anglers fish late evenings and early morning daylight hours, its usually after dark, from around midnight until dawn, that things begin to change.

As the sun goes down, bass begin to move about. Some bass have been buried up in cover such as weeds, wood cover and rocks during the day. Others have suspended off shore in comfortable surroundings and they move into the shallows to feed after dark. Often these schools can number in the dozens and anglers can load the boat on foolish feeding bass from midnight to dawn, before they head back to the deep.

Lure choices can be many, like when daytime fishing. The same lures mentioned for daytime fishing will work at night, with some adjustments. Worms should have rattles and fish attractants for aiding the bass in locating your lures.

Spinnerbaits should be big and gaudy with pork or plastic trailers. Half ounce sizes with over sized blades attract bass as well at night. Single bladed # 5 to # 6 Colorado style half ounce spinnerbaits in dark colors, are proven favorites. You can add a grub or pork trailer for extra enticement, or just add a trailer hook, for short striking bass. Having two rods rigged with each style (one with a trailer and one without), is best for experimenting at night.

Even mid to shallow running crankbaits, jerkbaits and rattling lipless lures can fool bass after dark on Weiss Lake. Always use heavier than normal line at night on all of your lure selections, for bigger bass bites, around line damaging cover such as wood and rock.

Flats along the main lake and major tributaries hold cruising bass after dark, and topwaters like buzzbaits and an old favorite, the jitterbug, are big bass offerings after dark. Anglers should always include a few stops along well lighted causeways, the dam area and around piers, boathouses and marinas, during there nighttime fishing trips on Weiss Lake.

When you night fish, running lights for and aft of your boat, must be on all night, whether your running or fishing, its the law. Always wear your life jacket and outboard motor kill switch. Have fun and be safe this summer fishing Alabama's Lakes.

Need help fishing Weiss Lake? Always call on Reeds Guide Service...first! Over 30 years guiding on Weiss Lake and other Alabama Lakes, year round. See my website: www.FISHINGALABAMA.com for more info.

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